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Troubleshooting FAQ's and Rescheduling Lesson Page

This is the page if you have any questions about your account whether it's troubleshooting your online video lesson or reschedule a lesson. 

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Troubleshooting FAQ's

Video Lesson Troubleshooting
Top troubleshooting - 6 tips that solve 99% of issues


To access the links on how trouble shoot video lessons click the button below! 

How to Reschedule a Lesson?

Step 1: Click the schedule make-up lesson link

Step 2: You can choose from the lessons that are available in the page and make sure that you choose the correct instrument for your make-up lesson.

Step 3: After clicking your chosen schedule, this will pop up and click BOOK! 

Step 4: This will look like in your instructors schedule once you book it! 

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